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Creating User-Friendly Oral Dosage Forms - CONTRACT PHARMA, March 2019

Creating User-Friendly Oral Dosage Forms

The use of electronic tongue technology helps firms reduce development times and costs by overcoming challenges associated with traditional testing panels.

Because of the unpleasant taste of many APIs, developers use taste-masking technologies and/or flavoring excipients to create products that are well received by patients and consumers. Human taste testing panels suffer from a number of practical and ethical limitations. An alternative approach is the use of electronic tongues. Interview with Dr. Detlev Haack and Dr. Martin Koeberle, published by Tim Wright in CONTRACT PHARMA.

Ensuring medicines taste pleasant is necessary to achieve high levels of patient compliance, and this is especially important for user-friendly formulations which are tasted more intensely. Key to developing great-tasting products is reliable taste assessment. But how can developers achieve the best results, in the most resource-efficient way?


In this Q&A article, published in Contract Pharma, HERMES PHARMA’s Dr Detlev Haack (Head of Research & Development) and Dr Martin Koeberle (Head of Analytical Development & Stability Testing) discuss:

  • Why considering taste is so important when developing pharmaceutical products

  • Which factors affect formulation taste

  • How electronic tongue technology can be used to assess taste more reliably

  • How taste profiles can be used to guide product development