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In the Best Possible Taste - Accelerating Formulation Development and Delivering More Reliable Results using electronic tongues

How electronic tongue technology can overcome traditional taste assessment limitations in pharmaceutical development (article featured in MANUFACTURING CHEMIST)

Given the inherently bitter taste of many active pharmaceutical ingredients, a key challenge for developers is how best to use flavorings and taste-masking technologies to make oral dosage forms taste more pleasant. With traditional methods of assessing taste suffering from a number of important limitations around variability and efficiency, could the use of electronic tongue technology offer a more effective solution?


In this article featured in Manufacturing Chemist, Dr Detlev Haack (Director of Research and Development) and Dr Martin Koeberle (Head of Analytical Development and Stability Testing) discuss:


  • Why taste development is important to meet modern consumers’ expectations and differentiate products in the marketplace
  • The key factors to consider when designing great tasting pharmaceutical products
  • How electronic tongues can overcome the ethical and variability challenges associated with traditional taste assessment
  • How electronic tongue technology can accelerate formulation development and deliver more reliable results